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June 14th, 2019, 4:58 pm

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The omphalocele will be protected. Your baby's healthcare providers will cover the omphalocele to keep his organs protected. They may place his lower body in a medical bag. The bag is designed to keep your baby warm and prevent dehydration from moisture loss. If the omphalocele will not be treated immediately, it will stay covered. Tohatsu Service Manual Covers 8A3 & 9.8A3 4-stroke models, Part #003-21056-1 If the chromosomes are normal and there are no additional birth defects other than the omphalocele, the severity of the defect depends entirely on size of the omphalocele. Small omphaloceles are easily repaired with a simple operation and a short stay in the nursery. Large omphaloceles may require staged repair over many weeks in the nursery. Re: Tohatsu 9.8 4=stroke idles with choke on only Go through the carb again. Do a proper soaking, not just a spray-out. Stay away from the idle/low speed mixture screw, as adjusting it typically either masks another problem or causes one. Omphalocele, also called exomphalos, is a rare abdominal wall defect in which the intestines, liver and occasionally other organs remain outside of the abdomen in a sac because of failure of the normal return of intestines and other contents back to the abdominal cavity during around the ninth week of intrauterine development. Gastroschisis repair is a procedure done on an infant to correct a birth defect that causes an opening in the skin and muscles covering the belly (abdominal wall). The opening allows the intestines and sometimes other organs to bulge outside the belly. In the womb, fetal intestines develop outside Omphalocele is an abdominal wall defect at the base of the umbilical cord (umbilicus); the infant is born with a sac protruding through the defect which contains small intestine, liver, and large intestine. Omphalocele is frequently associated with other birth defects, such as heart defects, imperforate anus, urinary problems, and genetic defects. Ultras

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