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Measured:10.3cm x 14.6cm x 3.7cm Weight:314g Power supply:DC5V/0.5A IN:USB Digital output:Digital output Digital output:AUX LINE OUT RCA LINE OUT Topping D10 Desktop USB DAC Interface. Manuals & Resources. Topping Manufacturer The Topping D10 provides a high quality audio option for your PC. 7. 2.Foobar2000 DSD playback Settings. Open folder foo_input_sacd-0.7.3 . " " Guangzhou Topping Electronics and Technology Co.,LtdTOPPING: TP60 user's manual. 2018-02-19. TP32EX+ user's manual. 2018-02-19. TP23 user's manual D10 user's manual. 2018-02-19. D3 user's manual. Feb 19, 2018 D10 user's manual,Documents and guide,Support,TOPPING,Download from The topping setup guide only talks about setting up Foobar and I'm . With a Topping D10 and a PC under Windows 10, would you leave the Yes, I have done everything according to manual. Twice - first time I have installed newer components, then I took components from Topping package - same The DAC USB TOPPING D10 includes all the on-board components to make high quality HD music. Featuring a USB Xmos U208 USB input, a DAC ESS TOPPING D10 is a USB DAC with Line out, Optical and Coaxial output. It use XMOS(XU208) + ES9018K2M + 5, Exchangeable OP. D10 Manual and Driver. I just ordered the Topping D10 mini USB DAC, for my PC rig. It checks all the boxes of small formfactor, USB powered, and impressive specs.

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